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I just was doing a little researchy stuff. Whimsical browsing. And I came across the Digital Publishing Toolkits epub2trailer script  https://github.com/DigitalPublishingToolkit/epubtrailer.py

These folks were a research unit which I believe has since finished. They were looking at how digital tools might transform publishing. One of the outcomes was the scripts in their repo https://github.com/DigitalPublishingToolkit/

Of these, I tried the epubtrailer python script. Its intention is to autogenerate animated gifs from epub files. I’d say it’s a bit of whimsy but a nice idea. So I ran it and here are some outcomes generated from some Project Gutenberg and Archive.org epubs:

From https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/13476:


From https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/20165:


From https://archive.org/details/wonderfulwizardo00baumiala :


From https://archive.org/details/uncletomscabinor00stowiala:

If you do want to try it then you will need to pip install images2gif and then pip install pillow. Also apply this fix to images2gif.py http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19149643/error-in-images2gif-py-with-globalpalette … although it might not be on line 200 as suggested.

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