Palak Paneer

In every Indian restaurant I go to that is not a Dosa hang out, I order Palak Paneer. It’s my quest to find the best Palak Paneer I can. The quest often ends up with tasteless mulched, soggy, spinach in my mouth. But often the dish is delicious.

I’ve tried to make it a few times, but I’ve kinda failed. I haven’t tried for a while but I can remember it not being too tasty or looking kinda limp…

Anyway… so, the recent Shuttleworth Gathering, which is a meet-the-Fellows, staff, and Alumni which happens every six months, was a few weeks ago in Kerala, India. First, I ate myself stupid. The food was amazing. But… on the last full day of the Gathering, Matt Reasons, Mr ‘can do’, organised a cooking lesson led by the head chef of the place we were staying. Whoot! On top of that, I put in a special request to learn how to cook Palak Paneer ‘properly’…and what do you know…


I was joined by chefs Isha, Ryan, and Kef.


The coolest kids on the block. We had heaps of fun and the food tasted awesome. Snap of the recipe below.


There are some tricks to it of course…but ..y’know…thats between me and the chef 🙂

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