Don’t mind me…just thinking aloud…

I’m going to write a small guide to building open source communities….so, will use this blog as a scratch pad.

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Oh my gawd….didn’t think there would be so much of my own stuff to re-read first! eeek!



More cokocasts!


Spent the last 3 days surfn. Yesterday my buddies Pete, Julie and Hunter joined me at Matauri Bay. Today we hoped all could make it at Shipwreck Bay but Julie and Hunter couldn’t get there in the end. So Pete and I went to Rarawa where we literally had dolphins swimming under our boards. Then to Mukies (near Shipwreck Bay) for a dusk surf (when the sharks have dinner 🙂 ). Started with a foggy Rawene ferry ride then driving through to Ahipara where I met Pete, and we continued on to Rarawa.






Neighbour James, Mitimiti, Panguru, working outside


There are a heap of churches in Northland. I’m firmly agnostic but I love checking these places out. They are often small and in very beautiful isolated places. Many are in ruins but many are also extremely well maintained, often built with Kauri timber (now a protected tree). They are also, if maintained, open and you can walk in and around any time of day.

This part of NZ was the first to be be occupied by Maori and (much later) Pakeha (Europeans) alike. So the missions came to Northland and set up before the rest of the Europeans followed. So this part of NZ has a lot of churches with a lot of important history attached. Anyways… I find them kinda fascinating.


The following are photos of me working in my outside workspace, Rawene ferry landing, and Manuka flowers and Cabbage Trees 🙂