Org Open Source toolkit

We use the following tools at Coko, all open source and all excellent:

  • Code repo – GitLab
  • chat – mattermost (web/desktop/mobile apps)
  • video calls – jitsi
  • shared folders and shared docs – NextCloud (also with desktop and mobile sync)
  • most websites (we run several) -WordPress

All very good apps and highly recommended.

Just now looking into open source CRMs. Will report back 🙂

Apps I also personally use everyday

  • Ubuntu
  • thunderbird and lightning (email and cal)
  • k9 (mobile email)
  • signal (mobile and desktop)
  • pencil (wireframes)
  • gimp (sometimes also Inkscape)
  • super productivity (excellent productivity / to do manager)
  • caldav (shared cal)
  • carddav (shared contacts)
  • Libreoffice (I use the desktop version less and less and instead used the web version via NextCloud)
  • loomio (for some distributed decision making projects_
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