Oh manno

So, I realised I’m getting a little sick of talking about publishing. I love it so, sort of. But I never thought I would ever be ‘in publishing’, I kinda just fell into it. Or maybe more accurately, I fell, then woke up, and slowly came to realise I was in publishing.

But actually I’m not in publishing. I’m in a fascinating world and I kinda want to start talking about some of that. Isn’t that what blogging is meant to be about anyho? So…First up, baths. Yes…one of my favorite things. Infact I just built a bath platform…oh…maybe I’m grabbing too much credit…I didn’t actually grab the hammer and wood and stuff…hohoho….anyways…it looks like this:


It is at my cottage in NZ. I will be going there in December and can’t wait! My bath will fit on the platform and I can stare at the stars and the sky. Its going to be awesome.

The view from the bath should be pretty good…looks something like this:


…don’t expect me to hurry back 😉

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