Notes on Collaborative Product Development

So, during the Shuttleworth Gathering this week I facilitated a session about CPD and asked for feedback. I got some great information, most of which is targeted at what people would need to know in order to understand the process better. I am currently writing a ‘book’ about the methodology so this feedback will help shape that. Starting with:

  • challenges on the name and if there is something better
  • timescales need to be illustrated and discussed
  • implementation phase needs to be unpacked and described
  • testing cycles
  • bring out the fact that the product must be adaptable
  • explain how this will change ‘your’ organisation
  • importance of institutional buy-in
  • case studies and stories
  • maybe a hardware case study?
  • with this method some change is cultural
  • how would you measure cultural change?
  • how do you better ensure cultural change?
  • case studies would be very useful
  • simple illustrations of why this method is better
  • front load the political critique of Open Source
  • with the front loading highlight that most ‘client centered’ solutions are actually developer-centric solutions hidden behind a paywall

Also an interesting idea to make a current workflow image into a poster ‘this is what we are trying to avoid’

Arthur Attwell came up with this lovely way to describe the advantages of collaborative design:

footpath-oraSolution designed by the city council

footpath2-oraActual traffic

Here  you can see the dissonance pretty clearly.

I think I will structure the book something like this:

  • what is Collaborative Product Design
  • What does a hosting organisation need to think about
  • the basics
  • the setup
  • the design session
  • facilitation
  • the build
  • implementation
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