Mak’n da fish pt2

Day two…finished sanding, cut and shaped the tail, finished the sanding again hoho, created the rails (sides), began glassing and added the pic from Pepper (thanks buddy!)… look’n pretty slick… tomorrow adding the fins, sanding, polishing…. so exciting!

dsc03022 dsc03024 dsc03027 dsc03029 dsc03031 dsc03034 dsc03035 dsc03044 dsc03046 dsc03051 dsc03052 dsc03054 dsc03063 dsc03069 dsc03078 dsc03091 dsc03092 dsc03093 dsc03107 dsc03121 dsc03128 dsc03137 dsc03140 dsc03141 dsc03145 dsc03146 dsc03165 dsc03167 dsc03169 dsc03173 dsc03183 dsc03187 dsc03188 dsc03194 dsc03195 dsc03198 dsc03205 dsc03206 dsc03207 dsc03208 dsc03209 dsc03210 dsc03211 dsc03216

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