In search of good Shakshuka

I’m a big fan of Shakshuka, the yummy eggy-tomatoy breakfast dish. I became a fan of it when I lived in Berlin and a small turkish bakery down the road made menemen which is pretty much the same thing. I think a buddy (Mushon) from Israel explained to me that Shakshuka and Menemen are more or less the same thing…

Now that I’m in NYC I decided to do a search for the best Shakshuka around. I already tried one spot a few weeks ago, but forgot to take some today we walked up to 101 st and LExington to a little Moroccan place called La Shuk and tried their version of Shakshuka – Green (right) and classic (left):

img_20200126_132114 img_20200126_132107 img_20200126_132059

It was pretty good. Humus was good but overall I thought the eggs overdone and not enough tomato mix. IMNSE (I’m not a Shakshuka expert) but for me it was just ok… still worth the visit. They had some other good looking dishes on their menu which I might try another time.

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