I aint eva shopping in a supermarket evr, evr agin

…not because of it being a public space etc in these weird times but because I’ve been on a mission to find stuff to be delivered so I can minimise supermarket visits and I have just found the most amazing stuff being made in nz.

I used to really lament how little cool cheese etc, for example, I could find in nz… and I used to be proud of the quality of food in nz supermarkets..hold my tongue!!!! there is so much better stuff available from small businesses around the country…here is some of the amazing stuff I have found over the last day or so:

https://foodbox.co.nz/ – I ordered a box per week. The first box I got the produce was unbelievably good. Then they got rushed and slimmed down their offerings to deal with the demand. Quality has also suffered a little. Never mind, sticking with them. After all this is done and whenever I’m in NZ I’m just going to order boxes from them. The food really is very good, much higher quality than the supermarkets.

https://www.countrytrading.co – found them looking for butter. The great irony is that there is some rule now somewhere that stuff you can readily get in a supermarket is considered ‘non-essential’. So, businesses selling foody stuff that is  available in the supermarket can’t sell online during alert level 4… gah! .. which means in a country that makes copious amounts of milk and butter you can’t get any butter or milk online but you can get EVERYTHING else online…the net effect being you have to go to the supermarket just for these things…so dumb. So..short story long, I brought stuff from these folks so I can make my own butter…I’m sure its just a jar, but their stuff looks just so good and they are also trying to support local growers who no longer have a market since all the local farmers markets are closing down…

http://wairiribuffalo.nz – amazing! they have their own Italian buffalos! In Canterbury! and they make heir own real buffalo mozzarella. I ordered some stuff and got a note – unfortunately they don’t deliver to the north island at this time. I guess with the planes and ferries at low steam they can’t guarantee the products will arrive fresh..darn..as soon as alert 4 is lifted im buying their cheese and yogurt..hey look amazing.

https://ecowarehouse.nz – good for hippie toilet paper and they deliver 🙂

https://www.whitestonecheese.com/ – oirdered a tonne of cheese

https://refillnation.co.nz/ – so good. Only place I could find dried (not canned) chickpeas and its all organic. Also, it seems like flour is not available from many places – even the large supermarkets are sold out. The amazing thing about refillnation is that their online checkout is only available 6-7pm each day! hah! nu zelun..so funny.

https://www.thecrueltyfreeshop.co.nz – some good looking nut butter available.

The rest look good but didn’t order anything except some stuff from Sabato which looks amazing but pretty expensive.









hint- want hand sanitizer? Get it from these folks- https://www.aoteanz.com

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