How to make awards for the people not at the people

  • involve folks from the community in the judging, the more diverse the better
  • make the nomination process super simple with minimal questions
  • start with as few categories as possible
  • never talk about winners, talk about celebration
  • have an awards night connected to an established community event
  • put on a night
  • no invitations / reg necessary to attend
  • make the night short n sweet.
  • provide drinks & food
  • do something special for those that turn up, eg special badges for the night
  • get the judges, who are members of the community, to announce the recipients
  • dont have a stage, make sure the speakers are standing on the same ‘thing’ as the audience ie. the same floor
  • if you have a projector, make it jst low fi, nothing fancy
  • have a wireless mic so judges can move around a little
  • no podium, nothing between the presenters and the audience
  • dont dress anyone up formal 🙂
  • if you do anything do it with the feeling that you are part of a community, not a part from a community
  • make sure the presentations are only about celebrating the cool award recipients, not about promoting the host org etc
  • just from the heart … yknow…

just notes for now..

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