Hi Honey, I’m Home!

I’ve been sick the last week and slowly on the way to recovery. Thankfully today I was able to pick up some manuka honey that comes from the hives I have on my property in NZ. The hives are looked after by the good people at Coogzen Lodge down the road and I get a % of the honey produced. Works for me…seems this year they harvested 85kgs of honey, which means I get 10kg!


The honey is manuka, which is the best honey ever. Legendary for its healing properties but also just the best tasting honey around. Pictured here are the actual manuka bushes that the bees have been feasting on.


And a quick shot of the hives, note the young cabbage tree in the foreground!


I just had my first lemon and honey drink for the season. Feel better already!

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