Fires, Cars, everything

So, my last few days have had some unusual travel disruptions.

On Monday, there was a fire next door to my place in New Zealand. I was just leaving to rush to the airport at Kerikeri, about an hour and a half away. All was ok, but checking on the fire meant I missed my flight to Auckland, so I rebooked for Tuesday. On Tuesday, the plane was cancelled due to mechanical issues, so I rebooked for Wednesday.

On Wednesday I flew from Auckland to San Francisco,¬†though the flight was delayed 5 hours. Someone had apparently forgotten to switch the body scanner on and so 53 people went through the scanner without actually being scanned. Problem is, they didn’t know which 53 people. So they cleared the entire international airport and rescanned everyone…

17 hrs later¬†I got to San Francisco and had enough time to grab a drink with a friend, pack, and get up at 4am to fly to Los Angeles with Kristen (Coko) for a 2-day Cabbage Tree Method workshop I facilitated. The next day… flights canceled into SFO (San Francisco) due to the fires around the city …so we hired a car and drove back (6 hours). Giving just enough time to sleep, pack, and get a 9am flight to India…. which was delayed 1 hour leaving due to the fires… my stopover is 1.25hrs so it’s going to be tight…let’s see how it goes…

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