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Tam, an outstanding chap and great person to have involved with the Coko community, built a nice bot for our Coko online chat (we use Mattermost). Anyone can tag a comment in mattermost with :cokobot (a shortcut for the cokobot icon) and that comment will be included in a weekly newsletter emailed out to the subscriber list. To subscribe you just need to jump into the Coko chat and type ‘@newsbot subscribe’. It’s pretty cool and a very lightweight way to keep everyone notified of significant developments.

Here is this week’s newsletter FYI, usually they are longer than this… I think we had a lazy week 😉  (#weekly is our tag for an individual’s weekly update):

End to end tests for starter are passing with postgres ?
from tamlyn in pubsweet on Fri 26th Jan

OSCON is coming up, perhaps we should work out where a coko-community application might fall? :cokobot:
from adam in town-square on Sun 28th Jan

Coko just joined the W3C 🙂
from adam in town-square on Tue 30th Jan

#weekly meetings, meetings. meetings. Catching up with Paul S, and also the Hindawi folks (about design process). Meetings with Yannis before he left for holidays so I can support the Athens team over the next 2 weeks. Strategic planning with Kristen and Carly. Planning PubSweet meet in London.
from adam in weekly on Tue 30th Jan

#weekly Previous week I’ve finished the implementation of polling regarding the fragment’s lock. Also, Christos and I, fixed some issues regarding the Vivliostyle, a bug in note callouts of Wax Editor and a bug we’ve discovered in the mechanism of releasing lock for fragments. Finally, I’ve deployed the new version of Editoria and the testing has began for UCP. This week I will start with further refactoring of the Editoria Bookbuilder and I will continue doing that until the project will be in alignment with the PubSweet universe.
from alexgeo in weekly on Tue 30th Jan

#weekly Last week, I worked mostly with the xpub issues. Some small ui changes that Dan suggested, and started fixing bugs that are too obvious in order to start testing it. I Also deployed xpub to I need to check it today to be ready.
from john.kopanas in weekly on Tue 30th Jan

#weekly Last week upgraded React in the monorepo, and used Jest to test everything globally (vs lerna test that runs yarn test in each project). Found out some tests weren’t being run with CI so I fixed that. Now I’m testing React 16 with our current apps, before merging and releasing the upgrades. (Happy to see that the polling/locking solution is working with Editoria and using both a client and a server component! Good job folks!)
from jure in weekly on Tue 30th Jan

#weekly last week: graphql server and postgres conversion. This week: continuing with postgres especially where it concerns interaction with the CLI.
from tamlyn in weekly on Tue 30th Jan

#weekly refactoring kube templates, wrestling with aws bug and let’s encrypt rate limiting
from g-sam in weekly on Tue 30th Jan

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