Land Waka

So, I lent my car to a buddy and it blew up. Not her fault at all, just an old car. I now own a completely worthless 1996 Mitsi Challenger… email me if you need spare parts!

Anyhow… it is impossible to be in Northland, New Zealand without a car. The nearest supermarket is 45 minutes away. Also, a 4wD is kinda necessary as the driveway to my place has several ‘moats’…. So, I put myself in hock for the next five years and brought a 2007 Land Rover. Lovely car for around NZ. Pics of my first trip over last weekend below (a waka is a canoe; the Land Rover feels more like a boat than a car).









Github API

Been playing around with the github API. You can actually see a lot about a repo by calling the github API directly eg.

It displays a JSON result with a lot of information about a repo including creation date etc. Didn’t know this feature existed until now. Not that I recommend using Github, it is closed source! Use Gitlab instead…just having a look around.

Good mention of Coko’s OS Bazaar

We got a very nice mention here 🙂

In terms of new publishing infrastructure, the emerging open source toolkits from Coko, the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation, stand out as an exciting new development. Coko supports community efforts to build useful techy stuff for open science. To get started, they focus on publication tools. Their workflow toolkit “Pubsweet” avoids the monolithic approach of commercial providers and instead allows almost limitless customization, via flexible components. In principle, every journal or book publisher, small or large, could stitch together the workflow of their dreams, pulling in various building blocks that may already be around, and/or developing own, interoperable components if needed.

Coko Surf Club

I’m in Portugal (Algave) in between events in the EU. I decided to schedule in time to stay in one place while on this 2 month Coko road trip, so Portugal it is. While here I’m doing some work and doing some surfing. Yannis (also works with me at Coko) has joined for a few days since his holiday in the Netherlands got canceled. So, Coko Surf Club reunites!




Palak Paneer

In every Indian restaurant I go to that is not a Dosa hang out, I order Palak Paneer. It’s my quest to find the best Palak Paneer I can. The quest often ends up with tasteless mulched, soggy, spinach in my mouth. But often the dish is delicious.

I’ve tried to make it a few times, but I’ve kinda failed. I haven’t tried for a while but I can remember it not being too tasty or looking kinda limp…

Anyway… so, the recent Shuttleworth Gathering, which is a meet-the-Fellows, staff, and Alumni which happens every six months, was a few weeks ago in Kerala, India. First, I ate myself stupid. The food was amazing. But… on the last full day of the Gathering, Matt Reasons, Mr ‘can do’, organised a cooking lesson led by the head chef of the place we were staying. Whoot! On top of that, I put in a special request to learn how to cook Palak Paneer ‘properly’…and what do you know…


I was joined by chefs Isha, Ryan, and Kef.


The coolest kids on the block. We had heaps of fun and the food tasted awesome. Snap of the recipe below.


There are some tricks to it of course…but ..y’know…thats between me and the chef 🙂