Alison moving on

So, a bit of sadness but also happiness in our announcement that my colleague and friend Alison is moving on to set up a new consultancy. We have worked together closely for about 8 months now, more or less, and its been awesome. It has been a very hard year at times, and yet somehow we pulled through and have put Coko back on its tracks. For this I am grateful to both Jure and Alison. However Alison and I worked together very closely these last months and so the loss feels more visceral. At the same time, I’m glad I’ll be working with Alison in the future. We are working with Alison in her new consultancy, and also very happy Alison has joined our Advisory Board AND the Advisory Group for Editoria…anyways… y’know how it is, itsĀ  a sad but beautiful world.

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