The Mount

Down in the Bay of Plenty seeing my ma for her birthday. Happy Birthday Ma! (she reads this blog…)… I had some meetings in the morning so disappeared to Mount Maunganui close to where I grew up. Had breakfast and the meetings on the beach… I used to think ‘the Mount’ sucked, but it ain’t so bad 😉 The island you can see in the distance is Tuhua (Mayor Island) where I went to school camp a few times. Amazing place.



You need to know about these folks..

PrePostPrint is a laboratory and research group for alternative free publishing workflows. We are specifically interested in the creation of hybrid and printed publications with web technologies.

PrePostPrint gathers those working with experimental publishing techniques and helps to make their projects and tools more accessible. We share the desire to re-think all links in the chain of publishing. We want to forego the classical DTP programs and turn to technologies that are more accessible and sociable, and that can evolve and adapt for each given project. Coding becomes a design tool that permits to reinvent the editorial process, and allows to continuously question and re-invent publishing forms and formats.

Open Source and Scholarly Publishing

Please share! (by me)

There are many misconceptions about open source and scholarly publishing that often overshadow the enormous potential it has to lead organizations to modernized, efficient workflows and to allow them to innovate sustainably. Let’s take a first look at some commonly asked questions…