13 January 2007

I-TASC expedition 2006/2007




Well, we got a crazy shipment of goodies last night from the Norwegian Troll station. A plane had flown to Troll from Cape Town and Marko had loaded all sorts of goodies into the plane. We got it all except the dead frog. On my biggest hit list was the extra espresso coffee, a wonderful telephoto lens (from which I took the above photos), and the CDs Honor had organised for the station. We also got Mr Snow’s Debian CDs. Hurrah!!!!

I think the later delivery made me realise I have a problem and perhaps it would be good to go to OS Anonymous one day. It seems that at every critical point in a project I decide it’s a good time to re-install my Operating System (OS). So I did so today. I appear to be getting better at it as when i first started my OS addiction it took me several days to get it right. This took about 2 hours. I waved goodbye to Ubuntu and welcomed back Debian. Ubuntu is good but it’s really a user’s operating system (and it’s very good at doing that) but I have often run into problems with development work and Debian is pretty well suited for that. So yes, my name is Adam, I am addicted to installing Operating Systems (chorus : “welcome adam”)…

As for the photos, I am enjoying taking them very much. I haven’t taken photos for years and the need to generate photos for each day of the diary pages has spurred me on to practising (you are welcome to use any of the photos in the diary pages, just distribute them with a Creative Commons licence 2.0, attributive (by Adam Hyde), share-alike – – there are a couple I didn’t take so I will clear it also with the author if you write to me, I can also send the high-res versions if needed). It’s great fun. The telephoto will open the opportunities for shots both scenic and for documenting the projects. I’m looking forward to getting out on the field and using it. coolio….cheers Marko, Siphiwe, Honor, Mr Snow and all those that sent materials for the station.

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