Off to Book Sprint!

A long time ago I started FLOSS Manuals to create free documentation for free software. It was my big get rich quick plan. Along that journey, which lasted 4 years or so, I had to come up with some things to make it all work… namely, I had to:

  1. learn how to build community
  2. build tools to help people collaborate to make books
  3. come up with methodologies to make books fast

Out of this came the FLOSS Manuals community, many (open source) book production platforms (most notably Booktype), and Book Sprints – a method to produce books from zero in 3-5 days.

Now… 10 years later…. here I am traveling to the Cambridge, UK, to be part of a Book Sprint facilitated by the CEO of the company I started, to write a book about PubSweet (a publishing toolkit for building publishing platforms built by Coko, which I co-founded), and the book will be written by the Coko team and Coko community…and written using Editoria – a book platform built ontop of PubSweet BY the Coko community!!!

Talk about recursive…. its like dog fooding on steroids…

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