New Term in My Lexicon

I have a new term for my Lexicon – “Timezone Disaster”. In short, that’s me – I am a timezone disaster. Recently I have found myself blankly staring into space when I get meeting requests like “Hows Tuesday at 2?”…. unfortunately, my first question is … “Tuesday, where?” as I often traverse the dateline… My Tuesday could be your Monday… and “2”…well… that’s a roll of the dice.  Could be anything.

Then there is the problem that I might be asked that question by someone in Timezone A, there might be someone else in Timezone B to factor in, and then I am currently in Timezone C, but over the period of their availability, I going to be in Timezone D, E or even F.

It’s no joke. This is just doing my head in!

So… time to admit that I can’t manage this anymore and time to introduce Anne Erika Schmidt. A friend of a friend. A Berliner. Efficient. And that’s all I know 🙂 We haven’t met yet but that’s normal for many people I work with, however next week I will be in Berlin and we’ll get to catch up in person. Which is important because Anne is helping me navigate this timezone mess and other things that a perpetual nomad needs help with. So far Anne has helped me a lot and I’m very grateful for it. So if you get an email from me with Anne cc’ed you will know why… I should have done this a long time ago!….

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