New product announcement soon

At Cabbage Tree Labs we have been working on a new product called ‘Flax’. It is a new platform that any tool can publish to. For a long time Coko has been focused on building workflow tools for the content production and review process. Now we are extending the natural scope of the flow to the actual publishing of materials.

The framework is designed to be lightweight and extensible. Building workflow products is hard, and we have developed PubSweet to make this easier. However publishing front ends (call them repositories, libraries, collections, shops…whatever you like) aren’t so tricky AND they need to be highly customised per publisher. Consequently we have built a lightweight extensible framework that can handle any kind of content coming from any tool. The system can then be extended by a local development house (or by yourself if you are geeky) to include all your about pages, FAQ, policies etc…

The key features are:

  • content agnostic
  • lightweight and extensible
  • can handle one item or an entire repository/library of content

Regarding Coko products, we can integrate Flax with Editoria and Kotahi using GraphQL which means there is a live connection between the workflow and the publish end point. Consequently you can immediately publish, update, unpublish etc to Flax from Kotahi or Editoria.

However Flax is built to integrate with any tool. Consequently we have placed it in Cabbage tree Labs. The Labs are for projects that anyone building a publishing tool could leverage without using any other Coko products.

Anyways… announcement coming soon…

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