Major new Editoria release

A pretty big one..

So…the major stuff here is really the new architecture, which makes this app very scalable and improves stability. In addition the new Wax editor (wax 2) is in place.

Editoria in the past has had stability issues due to the editor. It has been a real bummer. We put our money (literally) on the framework but unfortunately that project made some strange decisions and 2 years ago we realised we had to decide whether to stick with it, fork it, or start again. We made the decision, which felt so stressful at the time, to start again and build the editor from the ground up with the ProseMirror framework.

Nobody wants to make those decisions but the Substance project was really a mess and we had to do something. Taking on a rebuild on a new framework felt like a giant, but necessary, step backwards so that we could, eventually, go forwards.

And here we are… 2 years later. We wired in the new editor in Dec and fixed a lot of stuff in the integration and now it is amazing. We don’t suffer the same freezes we did with the substance version, and we also have now added math and table support which were extremely difficult to do in the first version of Wax.

Finally, Editora has the editor it has always needed. Its been quite a journey….

The new Wax is extensible, stable, responsive…. we did the hard work to make it the web-based word processor publishers need. A website coming soon… but for now HURRAH!

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