Lilli Goat Ruff

Landed in NZ… first time in absolute ages…. I had some hours between landing in Auckland and flying up to my place in Northland, so went to see my buddy Pete. Pete seems to attract animals…he and Debs have had pet chickens, cats, blackbirds, mynah birds, and now a goat… Pete rescued Lilli from the neighbors…so we went for a walk..


…and of course, went to a cafe and got some smoothies…


Pete is thinking of changing his last name to Ruff (long and true story) which means Lilli could be known as Lilli Goat Ruff 🙂

Then I flew north, landing at Kerikeri airport. My car has been parked there since I flew out, and I remember I went for a surf just before I parked the car there to fly out to San Francisco. As it happens, yesterday the car park minders saw me coming across the tarmac and met me at the door with my wet suit which they had dried out for me 🙂 .. I had been away for 5 months… Northland… awesome…

…and when I got home as always there was a pile of surprises in the mail that I had sent home while traveling but forgotten about, or that friends had sent… including this awesome book from friends at Times Up in Linz (Austria)..


I have collaborated with them several times over the years. I love the people and their work… they asked me to write a small piece for their book which made it in 🙂


..and also in the post some PubSweet badges I ordered…

..and of course…the view…

Great to be back.

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