Interesting new blog series from Book Sprints

The Book Sprints team are putting together a very interesting series of posts based on their own research into ‘Book Sprint Champions’. Champions is a term we have used for a while to describe those who advocate for a Book Sprint within their own organisation. These advocates are bringing new business processes to their organisation when they bring us into the fold. HOowever, they face a lot of issues when trying to convince their org to go down this path.

The reward for succeeding is quite immense at times, as Book Sprints deliver on the level of knowledge creation, but also team building, organisational learning etc. We have seen many champions be promoted internally after a successful Book Sprint. But to get there is sometimes a slog, and so the series of posts the team is putting together (I don’t know the results of their research yet) is going to be pretty interesting.

Understanding Champions for New Work methods

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