Andrew Test

I recently interviewed a good friend of mine – Andrew Rens. It was a good chat but unfortunately I ruined the recording by placing the mics too close. The result was a lot of ‘popping’ which makes it more or less unlistenable with headphones. However, it’s fine to listen to through normal computer speakers. So…I’m putting it up as a first test. I will get better at the audio…a little embarrassing as I used to be a radio guy….ugh….ah well…it’s a  test. I will hunt Andrew down again and do it better…I chatted with Andrew in Lithuania at a Shuttleworth gathering. Press play at the bottom of the slideshow to listen to it.

I’m intending to make this a regular thing as I travel and meet many amazing folks doing amazing things. This chat with Andrew is particularly interesting for those interested in copyright and open licensing.

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