I’m reworking my site little by little. My blog is still here but moved to https://www.adamhyde.net/what-im-thinking-about-now/ – linked from the top menu.

Current projects

Coko Foundation (Head of tech, CoFounder with Kristen Ratan) – The Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (Coko) builds modular, open source publishing software using collaborative development to ensure the technology underlying research communication enables innovation and rapid publishing.

Hacking Academic Publishing – Fellow at the Shuttleworth Foundation.

PagedMedia (CoFounder with Dave Cramer) – A project to to educate and inspire publishers to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript(JS) to produce print and paginated electronic content. Funded through my Shuttleworth Fellowship.

Book Sprints  (Founder, owner) – Book Sprints LTD is a company I started in NZ. A Book Sprint is a methodology I created for collaboratively capturing the knowledge of a group of experts in a single book in 3-5 days.

Cabbage Tree Method (creator) – a facilitation methodology to help publishers to design and develop their own tools. Funded through my Shuttleworth Fellowship.

Current Softwares

XSweet (Coko project) – XSweet is a free, open source conversion tool for converting Microsoft Word documents (.docx) into HTML and beyond. Built as a series of XSL (eXtensible Stylesheet Language) transformation steps, it’s designed to be modular and flexible. Use it out of the box, or modify and extend it to meet your needs.

Editoria (Coko project) – Editoria is a web-based open source, end-to-end, authoring, editing and workflow tool that presses and library publishers can leverage to create modern, format-flexible, standards compliant, book-length works.  Funded by the Mellon Foundation, Editoria™ is a project of the University of California Press and the California Digital Library.

INK, PubSweet, xpub are also current projects nested within Coko. There is also pagedjs which is a pagedmedia.org project. More info coming on all these soon!

Selected Articles

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