Wax and interactive content

The latest version of wax supports inline and block editing of math. Christos is also doing some cool stuff with the find and replace UI and there is a whole lot more to boot…

One thing that we looked at some time ago is this example : https://pboysen.github.io/

Try this example out…it is a prototype showing how to add questions to a text (multiple answer, single choice, essay, true/false and more…).

It could be very interesting to build this into Wax which would also give us some nice options for various platforms like Editoria etc… essentially opening the door for making interactive quiz content but *natively* within the editor…so no messy secondary platforms to work with and awkward integrations, and we would have complete control over both the styling and conditional export options – for example, for PDF or print output answers could be embedded at the back of the book, for epub or html the content would remain interactive etc.

Interesting to ponder use cases going forward….

Quite a first for Paged.js..

The team has been working very hard on Paged.js with a 1.0 release coming very soon. However, it seems I am a little amiss in making more of a big deal about one particular milestone the team should be very proud of. It happened back in August with the first release of a book that had been output from Editoria.

39-Book Manuscript-300-3-10-20200831

The books is Shifting Stacks published by the wonderful folks at Atla:


What is interesting about this book is not that it was produced with paged.js and it looks pretty good… actually it looks really good…check out the PDF created by Paged.js here:


Yes, this is good news – it looks great – but it is not the real news. The real news is that this was output from a paged.js template without any need for book-specific tweaks. In other words, the Atla team just needed to pres a button and the book was formatted automatically by paged.js and converted to print ready PDF. This means the Atla team could work on the book, output the PDF, tweak the content, proof etc, and then press the button and output the PDF etc…. at some point in one of those cycles they push the button for the last time and send the PDF to the printer…

That is quite something…

Wax 2 and Math

The forthcoming Wax 2 web based word processor (1.0 release shortly) can allow us to take advantage of some nice ProseMirror plugins including this wonderful addition for math:


The interaction model is quite nice – typing $$ immediately drops you into block math mode and typing $ … $ assigns marks out inline math. Moving the cursor to a math block breaks out the syntax for editing. It works pretty nicely. The below image is from the projects repo (there are more images there, check it out!):


This is a very interesting model for math editing and something we can implement in Wax 2.

New Collection of Gov Docs for Open Source Projects

If you are thinking of starting a new open source software project and wanting to look at the what other orgs have done then a new resource has just been released:


The goal of the project is to provide a governance reference resource for all FOSS community members. We’re doing this by collecting and cataloging documents that are in some way related to the governance of FOSS projects.

These documents live in Zotero, not in this repository. Visit the document collection to start browsing and searching the collection.

Pagedjs Updates

The Pagedjs community is almost at 200. You can join the channel here if you wish to find out more about this very cool community – https://mattermost.pagedjs.org

There is a lot happening there. Just today one of the community members (Nicolast) announced a ‘reload to last place’ plugin which is very cool – https://gitlab.com/nicolastaf/pagedjs-reload-in-place/

Its large and small contribs like this by people actually using the tool that makes this project so awesome.

Screenshot from 2020-09-13 22-10-09

We are expecting a pagedjs 1.0 in the next weeks. I think its been about 3 years? or is it 2? I really don’t remember, but whatever the case this is a project that I’m sure proud of. It is part of the Cabbage Tree Labs project supported by the Shuttleworth Foundation. Essentially I used my last year of my Shuttleworth Fellow funds to keep the 3 labs projects going. All essential. We will run out of that $ one day, so if you are a wealthy philanthropist that can see and understand the good and essential work going on at the labs then give me a call!

Wax 2, the 1.0 release, also out by the end of the year. XSweet is also undergoing some super improvements in collaboration with the good folks at Amnet Systems. Recently we collaborated with them to build in capturing of inline formatting changes marked by MS Words track changes.

Anyways…keep an eye on Pagedjs. It is a phenomenal project – rebuilding typesetting engines from scratch which are open source, community driven, and standards compliant is no easy task.

Updated Stats from Hindawi Phenom

I just got the updated info for the Hindai Phenom platform. Phenom is a journal ecosystem built on top of PubSweet.

There are some odd thinking people out there that think ‘open source can’t scale’. It is an absurd notion given that most of the internet, on top of which the web is built, is open source.

Regardless, the Phenom platform Hindai built runs 228 journals. Which is about 100k submissions/year, a total library size of approx 500k articles and around 3 million users.

Not bad.

Below are some updated screenshots of the platform.