Hanging with the Peppers, checking out Northland

My buddy Pepper and her awesome hubby Pete just got a piece of land up north (NZ). I went to check it out – the land is amazing. They have a classic  caravan on it at the moment and doing it up…really cool…




Then I hit up north to check out the beaches over the weekend and camped out.







And finally, while up north on the beach I saw Killer Whales and Santa on the same day! I didn’t manage to get a pic of the Orca, so you have to trust me on that, but I did get a pic of santa…


Wanna join a cool project?

The Restart Project – https://therestartproject.org/ – is looking for an ops lead…they are a really cool project and good people…highly recommended! Apply even if you are faintly interested, you won’t regret it!


We are looking for the next stellar member of our small team. As we are poised to make a real step-change, this is an opportunity to help build a fun and inspiring organisation. We have been growing quickly, moving from 2 people in early 2016 to a team of 6 now.  We need someone to ensure we are well organised including managing our office space, providing information to funders, managing our performance information and ensuring we keep up to speed on HR policy, pensions and finances.