NYT using ProseMirror

A while ago, while researching into editor frameworks, I asked a question on the ProseMirror discussion app about who is using ProseMirror.


As it happens, it looks like the NYTimes is also using PM, and they just posted this interesting article about what they have done:


The work looks great, unfortunately, however, I think the plugins they are discussing are closed source… I’m going to see if I can reach out to them and ask about it.

Pondering A Publishing Event

I used to do lots of events back in the day. The last big one I was really involved in was called net.congestion when I lived in Amsterdam around 2000… it was about the use of streaming media in art and activism. It actually turned about to be a huge, and timely, event.

So… now I’m pondering maybe putting something together around publishing…in the last year or so I have been fascinated by workflow in publishing. It seems to me to be a rich topic and pretty much publishing is all about workflow… if you would like to collaborate to make it happen let me know…its in the ponder stage at the moment…