Yep… the Ramones named a song after it... and today I took a train out to see what the surf was like. Its the closest surf beach to Manhatten. I took the subway out there and all up its about 1.5hrs. It actually went pretty well..


It’s winter at the moment so I was expecting a cold day, but the air temp was 12 degrees celsius or so which is pretty ok. I went to Station RBNY which is a surf shop (pretty cool) and hired a board and a suit. Wet suits out here are full on winter mode – thick (5mm torso, 4mm arms) and with a built in hood. I also wore boots and (first time ever) gloves..


The water was actually pretty ok and some nice small waves (breach break). It was pretty fun! I will order a board from Robert August (I always wanted one!) and ship it up to store at RBNY. Awesome!

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Shakshuka 2

..also called Shakshouka apparently. We went down to Soho (38 MacDougal St.) to try out Shakshuka at Shuka (Mediterranean). Firstly, the grilled Halloumi was to die for… unbelievably yummy. I also ordered their cold Turkish coffee made and bottled on the premises – its very herby and not too sweet and absolutely delicious. Next…the Shakshuka….


This is the Shakshuka I have been after. Eggy and tomatoey deliciousness… absolutely yummy. Perfect Sunday brunch….They also have a green Shakshuka with spinach and chickpeas but the one classic we ordered with two side was enough for the two of us… yumyum… will be back to try the green one soon!

The Pod has landed!

I got a pod at my place in NZ. I’m slowly building it up for workshops and stuff. Very slowly. The outdoor workspace is already done. The house is all kitted up. Just need a few sleep outs. Number one arrived by truck yesterday!








I like this pic of Patrick – a good dude from the Hokianga. He dug out the foundations for the pod while I was sitting on my ass in New York.


The pics were taken by my buddy Pania. I was able to watch it all on my security cams live from NYC! pod casting!!! (you have to squint in the top left corner)



Super grateful to Pania and Patrick for making it all happen 🙂 Will see it for reals in a few weeks :))

Update…And Pania just sent through some more awesome pics 🙂 … the first one has a cabbage tree shadow on the side!!! 🙂 (see

img_20200201_171502 img_20200201_171356 img_20200201_171406 img_20200201_171542 img_20200201_171328 img_20200201_171431