Books are Evil, Really Evil pt1.

this is the raw v0.00000001. part two and v0.01 coming soon! Right now books are something of an ironic artefact for me. I am involved in the rapid »

Building Book Production Platforms p4.

The Renderer Note: this is an early version. It has been cleaned up some, but is still needing links and screenshots.... Apologies if the rawness offends you :) This series is »

Building Book Production Platforms p3.

The Editor This series is based on HTML as a source file format for Book Production Platforms. I have looked at many HTML editors over the years and can remember »


I'm working on a platform with the Public Library of Science (PLOS) in San Francisco. I'm Designer and Product Owner, and working with a talented team of approximately 15 full »

Staticness as a Symptom of an Unwell Book.

In the last years I've been constructing a set of practices around knowledge production. Its been a lego-like process. I add one brick, move it a bit, choose one of »

Building Book Production Platforms p2.

Amongst the core requirements for a Book Production Platform are the source file format and the editor, and of course they are intimately linked. The development team is usually faced »

Building Book Production Platforms p1.

There are a number of web based Book Production Platforms out there at the moment. Booktype was the first, its birth was around 2006-2007 and started as a series of »

Typography JavaScripts

A list of Javascripts for typography. Hyphenation Sweet Justice License: BSD Code: WWW: Hyphenator License: LGPL Code »

The Case for HTML Word Processors

Making a case for HTML editors as stealth Desktop Word Processors...the strategy has been so stealthy that not even the developers realised what they were building. We use all »

Whats Wrong with Markdown

Markdown (.MD) is a text format that lazy people use to write HTML. Unfortunately once those same lazies are used to the format their eyes glaze over and they start »