Building Book Production Platforms p2.

Amongst the core requirements for a Book Production Platform are the source file format and the editor, and of course they are intimately linked. The development team is usually faced »

Building Book Production Platforms p1.

There are a number of web based Book Production Platforms out there at the moment. Booktype was the first, its birth was around 2006-2007 and started as a series of »

Typography JavaScripts

A list of Javascripts for typography. Hyphenation Sweet Justice License: BSD Code: WWW: Hyphenator License: LGPL Code »

The Case for HTML Word Processors

Making a case for HTML editors as stealth Desktop Word Processors...the strategy has been so stealthy that not even the developers realised what they were building. We use all »

Whats Wrong with Markdown

Markdown (.MD) is a text format that lazy people use to write HTML. Unfortunately once those same lazies are used to the format their eyes glaze over and they start »

Why Github is Bad for Open Source

Because Github is not open source. It is like serving stuffed turkey to a vegetarian... ...because the veg is only hosted by the meat it MUST be ok to serve »

MarkDown, ugh.

MarkDown...lets call it what it is - A Less Useful MarkUp (ALUMU?)...We should also invent a new category for both ALUMU and MarkUp. I don't have a good »

Detained Text

Desktop documents such as MS Word and ODT could be called 'detained text' formats. A work might exist on the Desktop of any number of people at the same time »

The Collaborative Spectrum

We often talk about collaboration in text production as if it is a switch with default position 'off'. There is no in-between state. Either collaboration is turned on, or it »

Collaborative Knowledge Production

Collaborative production of any knowledge artefact could be called 'Collaborative Knowledge Production' or CKP. Understanding the right strategy for CKP is reliant on an understanding of the content to be »